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“From the Business Point of View”

Here at Imagine Detroit™, we are dedicated to capturing the story of small, independent businesses and sharing those stories to show the loyalty and belief people have in the city of Detroit.

Featured Businesses

Below you will find our currently featured businesses we have visited. Listen and read to
find out more about their experience owning and running a business in the city.

Dangerously Delicious Pies Detroit

Right off of Wayne States Campus in Midtown, a brand new business has just moved into the Third Bar. Opening in 2012, they are the “Rock and Roll pie shop”, started to support the musical aspirations and ventures of the co-owners Sam Wood and Don Duprie. Detroit rockers at heart, they are now serving up sweet and savory pies to the citizens of this city.

The Collective

Barbara Wynder and Herman Jenkins are true Detroit visionaries. The neighbors and Detroit residents are actively playing a role in the revival of their city by helping independent businesses thrive and also by creating spaces where Detroiters can enjoy the outdoors.

Vera Jane

Located in the Fischer, a building often described as Detroit’s largest art object, is Vera Jane. Vera Jane opened in 2003 as a women’s boutique selling lingerie, fine coats and handbags. The manager, Liana Trumbull, talked to Imagine Detroit about what it takes to run a successful retail operation in the city of Detroit.