3 Dogs 1 Cat 4 Detroit

”We love being down here with the family of Eastern Market. We really wouldn’t have it any other way.”

3 Dogs 1 Cat 4 Detroit is an Urban Pet Shoppe that offers an array of merchandise for the hip and quality conscious pet lover. This local stop is fairly new on the Eastern Market scene, having just opened their pet-friendly doors last May, in 2013. The Detroit location was a no-brainer for the owners, Trisha Stander, Tammy Eugeno and Rita Nelson, who were searching for that perfect, urban-based atmosphere to call home—something that was hard to come by in the suburbs.

Their customers seem to love it as well. When people found out where they are located, they say, “It’s been a really positive response.” Locals in the area now have a place to buy products, which was an intended goal when thinking of opening the store. Plus, the swell of people on the weekend hours has helped to establish friendly faces of regulars the owners are pleased to see after being open for just under a year. They express that the built-in advertising just from being in Eastern Market has been a tremendous help to their business, where they had limited budget for advertising just starting out.

This is also a place to put on your radar for pet rescues and adoptions. The owners are involved with Detroit Dog Rescue and have thoroughly enjoyed getting closer to the Detroit community through the adoptions in their Shoppe that are just starting to take off!


(313) 285-8371
2472 Riopelle St.
Detroit, MI 48207
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Twitter: @3dogs1cat4Det