A.K. Services

“A lot of things are going on in the city, we are real close to the action. Just sort of being part of that whole thing is pretty exciting.”

Alan Kaniarz is one of the oldest inhabitants of the Russell Industrial Center. He is also a leading entrepreneur, adjunct professor at CCS, and is involved in the restoration of properties downtown. After being born and raised in the city, he continues to live here and has been running his successful business, A.K. Services, since 1983. He truly embodies what it means to be a Detroiter.

Alan expressed a strong sense of neighborhood amongst the other business owners in his area, making it such a unique part of the city to be in. The Russell Industrial Center houses a community of artists who together have built a strong, reliable network amongst one another. Kaniarz enjoys how nice it is to be able to have other creative people to rely on, just a room or floor away. It is through this support system that the businesses are able to maintain and grow—his included.

A.K. Services is an old-fashioned woodworking shop that offers services such as custom woodworking and stained glass, lighting and furniture restoration. He has been involved with numerous restorations around the city, like the Frank Lloyd Wright House (Turkel House) and various churches and residential properties. Most recently, though, Karniarz has done work for Shinola, attributing to the resurgence in the buying local trend Detroit is currently undergoing—something he is very glad to see and take part in.


(313) 972-1010
1604 Clay St. – Suite 137
Detroit, MI 48211