Atwater Brewery

“We’ll never leave Detroit. Detroit is who we are about. We are very proud of that.”

Did you know that there were more production breweries here in Detroit than anywhere else in the world in the late 1800’s?  Atwater Brewery owner, Mark Reith, considers the city to not only be the Motown capitol, but the Beertown capitol as well. He took over the brewery in May of 2005 and has only continued to see great success.

Reith shared with us how important Detroit is to him and their booming company. He embraces the city for all that it is by using the city in their packaging, a similar style of brewing to old Detroit classics, and even the tag line “Brewed in Detroit.” Though Atwater is expanding rapidly with their beer being sold in 15 different states across the country and a full tap room opening this year in Grosse Pointe, their roots are still planted in downtown Detroit and they aren’t leaving. Their brew house was imported straight from Germany, which allows them to brew a true, traditional German lager like Stroh’s made back in their Detroit brewing days.

“We consider ourselves hard workers. We enjoy life, we don’t take things too seriously, but we also take being from Detroit a focal point of who we are,” Reith says when describing the mission behind the company. Being a native metro Detroiter himself, he has seen firsthand the transformation Detroit has undergone and continues to face. He is a big advocate of making Detroit the home base for your company, even if you decide to expand out. Have you been contemplating opening up a business in Detroit? Take Reith’s advice and do it now. The city is ready and waiting for newcomers to bring their passion and vision here.


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