AYV Midtown

“…I heard of a few plans for Midtown and I was like I want to be involved, I want to be down here. This is where it’s at.”

AYV is one of the newest businesses to pop up in the Midtown area. It opened its doors in January of 2014 and is the place to go for classic streetwear. Koolade, co-owner of the Premium Lifestyle brand, is a proud and true Detroit native. “I’m born here, raised here and I’m a big believer in bringing money back to the city, and anything I can do, it will be in the city limits,” he says.

After selling his locally made clothing online for a number of years, Koolade wanted to introduce a flagship boutique for the brand and what better place than the continually exciting Midtown?  Not only is this a place where people want to be in Detroit right now, but also the city of Midtown in particular has been very helpful with opening up a business on its grounds. Koolade strongly believes that we are just beginning to see the area take off and has no doubt it will flourish greatly within the next few years.


(313) 903-3342
4100 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI 48201
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Twitter: @ayvmidtown
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