The Brooklyn Street Local

“Everyone working together and cooperating together is the mentality here and that’s a really, really great way to look at things and a way to look at business.”

Detroit inevitably won the hearts of two Toronto transplants that were on the hunt to find a place to open up their restaurant, The Brooklyn Street Local. After a short stint staying at Detroit Hostel, Deveri Gifford and Jason Yates knew this was the location where their business could thrive.  The city is getting a lot of coverage nationally and internationally, helping to bring customers to their breakfast, lunch and brunch café. Plus, Detroit is beginning to see a major trend toward urban farming, which was among the key reasons for the couple to take root here.

BSL opened in 2012 and can be found in the historic Corktown district. They specialize in using local, organic and seasonal ingredients to serve their customers. There is a farming scene in Detroit, and Michigan as a whole, that Gifford and Yates wanted to tap into to be a staple part of their business.

Gifford is beyond pleased with how welcoming Detroit has been-both customers and other business owners alike. Gifford discusses how without the connection to other business owners, the entire process of opening up the restaurant would have been incredibly overwhelming.  “People here are amazing and wonderful and just so supportive,” she explains. Her advice to new business owners or those looking to start something in Detroit is to get involved with the city and get to know people because it is a community that wants to help each other grow and succeed.


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