Brooks Lumber

“It’s a wide open market, there is still 700,000 plus and there are still limited services for that population.”

Brooks Lumber, the self proclaimed oldest retailer in the City of Detroit has seen the ups and downs of Detroit’s tumultuous history. The business was established in 1896. Ray Formosa, president of Brooks Lumber, grew up just blocks from the only location the lumberyard has ever known, occupying the land east of the old Tiger Stadium site on Trumbull in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit. Ray started out working at the full service lumberyard and hardware shop as young man and decided to never leave. There are few businesses more “Detroit” than Brooks Lumber. It’s an honest and hardworking business that has helped build the city and is now fueling the revitalization efforts going on in the surrounding neighborhoods and the entire city. “We pride ourselves not only on our longevity, but on the relationships, products and services that helped build the city, maintain the city and for the future of the city.”

Ray was able to provide us with some tips for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs in the city. “Be prepared for higher taxes and higher insurance costs. You are going to have to somehow formulate that in your equation of overhead costs, but other than that it’s a wide open market, there is still 700,000+ people and there are still limited services here for that population.” The main thing to remember is “Don’t throw the towel in, you have to take the good and the bad.”


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2200 Trumball Ave.
Detroit, MI 48216
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