Cafe Con Leche

“The good thing about Detroit is the media helps you. We have more media (exposure) than if I was opening a Starbucks. It is free advertising. It helps.”

The entrepreneurial scene in southwest Detroit has been picking up over the last couple of years. New businesses are going in, adding to the already unique cultural offerings that have been entrenched in the neighborhood for decades. Café Con Leche is a coffee shop, Café and neighborhood hangout that is quickly becoming a Detroit destination.

A local couple – a Southwest Detroit Native and a transplant from Barcelona, Spain, own the shop. They whip up the expected coffee shop offerings and specialize in coffee drinks inspired by Spanish culture that you would not find anywhere else in the city. They made the leap and opened up five years ago on Vernor Highway right across from Clark Park. Before opening the shop, co-owner, Jordi Carbonell worked on the line in a GM factory. He was working long hours for someone else and he decided that he was going to put the work in to build something for himself.


(313) 554-1744
4200 W Vernor Hwy
Detroit, MI 48209
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