Cass Corridog

“This is really where I want to be. I’ve lived here almost my entire life.”

Cass Corridog is a local retail pet supply store that offers an array of pet items for your furry or even not-so-furry (birds and fish, too!) family members. Anything from the basic necessities, food, healthcare and toys, to specialty items, such as a full selection of pet-friendly cookies and cakes, can be found here. It is has been in operation since 2010 and found a new home (and name!) in Midtown along the Cass Corridor in 2013.

Owner Michelle Potas has always lived in the city and thought no other place was better to open up her business. She is also, “…a very huge advocate of live where you work and not driving,” she says, so Detroit is the ideal place for her to bike to and from work.

And she has no plans on moving. Potas knows firsthand just how exciting things are in the city currently, with all of the people who want to move and live there and is happy she is able to offer them a place to shop for their pets. Customers and fellow Detroiters have been very supportive of the business, she adds, and that’s exactly why she stays.


(313) 887-9684
4240 Cass Ave. #110
Detroit, MI 48201
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Twitter: @casscorridog