The Collective

“There are challenges, you know, but life is full of challenges and I don’t know that owning a business in Detroit presents more challenges than it presents anywhere else in the world.”

Barbara Wynder and Herman Jenkins are true Detroit visionaries. The neighbors and Detroit residents are actively playing a role in the revival of their city by helping independent businesses thrive and also by creating spaces where Detroiters can enjoy the outdoors. Their business, The Collective, sits along Jefferson in the historic Indian Village district and serves as a business incubator/co-working space dedicated to helping art entrepreneurs.

They believe there is no reason Detroit can’t have all of the sought after features that other cities possess. They want Detroit to be a walkable community and to have places where members can gather, which led to the two of them adopting a park and where they have recruited volunteers to restore the space into something usable for residents. Jenkins feels the “Detroit 2.0” undercurrent, as he puts it, is felt throughout the city in terms of helping redevelop it to reach the potential we all know it so greatly holds.


(313) 477-0222
8235 E. Jefferson
Detroit, MI 48214
Twitter: @Collectively1