Dangerously Delicious Pies Detroit

“Everything we did was kind of Detroit-centric. We feel a real connection to the city.”

Right off of Wayne State’s Campus in Midtown, a brand new business has just moved into the Third Bar. Opening in 2012, they are the “Rock and Roll pie shop”, started to support the musical aspirations and ventures of the co-owners Sam Wood and Don Duprie. Detroit rockers at heart, they are now serving up sweet and savory pies to the citizens of this city.

The recent energy in the city led them to open up shop in the back of a popular Midtown bar. During my chat with Sam I asked him about what the Detroit name means to their business, “We wear it as a badge of honor and we love this city. We were born and raised here. It seems like there is a real renaissance or resurgence in art, food, music and everything going on. We rep the “D” everywhere we go.”


(313) 727-7437
4626 3rd St
Detroit, MI 48201
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