The Detroit Mercantile Co.

“This is a place where you really have to want to be, you have to love this place and you have to love what you are doing here.”

If you are interested to hear about Detroit and its business scene, listen to these two. The buzz and excitement the city is facing in terms of entrepreneurship is something Robert Stanzler and Robert Jameson witness daily. Prior to jointly opening Detroit Mercentile Co. in Eastern Market in 2012, the two have been operating their own businesses in the Detroit area for some time now and know what it takes to make your mark here.

Stanzler is the creator of the original Made in Detroit logo and brand, and also current owner of Detroit Manufacturing. Jameson owns Jameson Hard Goods, which houses and sells vintage items from all across the state of Michigan and its first city, Detroit. The two had ran into each other a number of times around the city and at craft fairs, and together shared a vision for an old-timey general store where people can find American and Detroit made products.

Jameson notes how great a community of entrepreneurs Detroit possesses, “If you decide you’re going to open a businesses here and it’s a marginally good idea, the business community is very supportive.” He believes Detroit to be a wide-open arena for new business, but you have to be willing to work for what you want. Stanzler adds to that saying, “Everyone has fought to be here,” and, in his opinion, that has made the network of businesses a very respectable one to be a part of.


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