Germack Coffee Roasting Co.

“Things are still evolving. People in these areas are still getting used to being able to do these things in Detroit.”

Germack Coffe Roasting Co. is the newest branch of Germack Pistachio Co. The well-established Germack name has been in Detroit since 1924, totaling 80 years of roasting pistachios. If the company isn’t ringing a bell, think of all the times you have been at a Detroit sporting event. Remember the snacks you munch on? Ya know, the peanuts out of the striped bag? Yep, that’s the one. In 2012 Germack decided to take their roasting expertise in a different direction: coffee. Germack Coffee Roasting Co. opened its doors in historic Eastern market two years ago in 2012 and have been booming since.

Barista, Steven Puwalski, gives a very refreshing and real take on what it means to have a business in Detroit currently. One of the biggest benefits, he feels, is the overall excitement people have in and outside of the city for what is going on right now. It has lead to collaborations with other businesses and helped to create stronger ties amongst the community. Eastern Market was specifically chosen because Germack knows that even though they will face some slower periods during the week hours, it is undoubtedly going to be an active place in as little as five years down the road.

What’s really standout, though, is the noticeable shift in the perception Puwalski’s experienced of the city. He no longer hears “sorry” as a response to telling people he works out of Detroit. Now it’s “awesome” or “that’s what’s up.” And, let’s face it, that is something any Detroiter (or Metro-Detroiter) is excited to hear right now.



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2517 Russell St.
Detroit, MI 48207