Green Dot Stables

“Detroit is very willing to receive people with good intentions.”

Green Dot Stables should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Detroit, that is, if you aren’t already familiar. Located on West Lafayette in the city, it is a place known for their specialty sliders and quality selection of craft brews. Yes, we have all had our share of sliders before, but they’ve taken it a up notch or two with menu selections like, quinoa burger, fried bologna and the popular PB & J slider. And that’s just naming a few.

Head Chef, Les Molnar, is proudly part of its third operating team since it was founded in 1970. Historically, it has been said that a bar owner purchased a horse who he named “Green Dot Stables” and wanted to build something as an homage to that horse for performing so well—hence the establishment, Green Dot Stables.

Molnar, a native Detroiter, said he went to school in Chicago, but felt something tugging at his hometown pride to return to the city. Plus, he adds, “The opportunity to do something unique and different without a market totally saturated was nice, too.”

Since moving back, he is proud to take part in the revival of the city. To anyone out there looking to be apart of the same movement, Molnar suggests to, “Be yourself and stay genuine and stay true to your product.” Detroit is a city ready and welcome for new faces and ideas—it’s a positive name to attach to your business.


(313) 962-5588
2200 West Lafayette Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48216
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Twitter: @GreenDotStables
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