Homes Eyewear

“I don’t think Homes Eyewear would be Homes Eyewear without Detroit.”

According to the recent and, first ever, completed blight study of the City of Detroit, there are more than 84,000 blighted structures in the city. Achille Bianchi, owner of Homes Eyewear based in the Eastern Market, has a vision to use the materials from these structures to reuse the materials in these homes to create fashionable eyewear made of wood.

The innovative production process uses wood sourced from Partner Organization, Reclaim Detroit. They legally obtain salvageable wood from Detroit’s abandoned and blighted structures and pass them onto Achille. He then forms the wood into the finished product. He believes the business climate in Detroit is very pleasant and that the opportunity for partnership with other Detroit businesses is huge because of the because of this climate.


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