“I don’t feel like I’ve ever had a negative impact from my business being in Detroit.”

Joe Posch, owner of the retail store Hugh, accredits Detroit in being a helpful partner to his mid-century, modern-inspired retail store. When opening a business in the city, it’s all about location, says Posch. Hugh opened up in Midtown in 2012 and is a hub for classy, gentlemanly bachelor pad accessories, with offerings such as house wares, barware, home décor, cufflinks, wallets and more.

“I think it [Detroit] has helped in a lot of ways because we are still at the stage where so much is happening downtown that people are really paying attention to things that happen in the city,” Posch says. The boom in Midtown has significantly helped drive traffic into the store with both people in and outside of the city.

Detroit is where Posch lives and where his community base exists, so really why would he go anywhere else? He is comfortable doing business in Detroit and has had success in the past with other ventures. He foresees Detroit as being a great arena for entrepreneurial ideas to take flourish and grow in years to come.


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