“There is nothing else like it. There is nothing else like Detroit in the world.”

Human is a cutting edge design shop for both men and women and stands as a symbol of the fashion scene here in Detroit. Owner Jill Drnek originally started out promoting the fashion scene that exists in Detroit, and Michigan as a whole, in places across Europe with the goal to increase awareness that Detroit is a city worth putting on the emerging fashion trends map.

After that, she began vending in different areas in an attempt to seek out the best spot for her brand. Drnek had a pop-up shop in Livonia for a span of time and after a while customers would come in and tell her that due to the forward-thinking, edginess of her shop, she should consider establishing roots downtown. It didn’t take long for her to realize they were on to something.

Human opened in early 2013 and is a great asset to the booming Midtown area. Drnek admits to facing some roadblocks to running her business in the city. “Some of the challenges have been simply to open up people’s minds to the idea that there is culture here, that this is a destination spot to come and look for unique things that express your own humanness, which comes from the name Human.” But, the upside, she notes, is the excitement that is going on in Detroit. Things are changing on a daily basis and the exposure gained from national and international visitors is steadily increasing.

Drnek describes her attachment to Detroit as a blood connection. There is nowhere else she would rather be and believes there is a strong, creative culture in the city that is just waiting to be further tapped into.


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Detroit, MI 48201
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