McShane’s Irish Pub & Whiskey Bar

“We like to fight it out and work through to make everything better.”

After three metro-Detroiters realized they spent their free time consistently hanging out downtown, they knew they wanted to be a greater part of the city. This two-brothers and good buddy combo decided it was their passion to contribute to the rebuilding of Detroit. Enter: McShane’s Irish Pub & Whiskey Bar. They took over the existing restaurant in 2012 and then changed the name to what it is today.

Together, they have been in the restaurant business for 15 years and helped others get their businesses up and running. Their success for the last couple of years with McShane’s is backed by something else other than solely their industry know-how. It is also by the amount of Detroit pride they have in their establishment and more significantly, their city. And the customers feel the same. Co-owner Ryan McShane notes that customers have seen the fight they are willing to put into Detroit and want to be a part of that, too. They want to come down here to join in with the “Detroit-tough,” as he puts it.


(313) 961-1960
1460 Michigan Ave.
Detroit, MI 48216
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Twitter: @McShanesPub