“I always liked the idea of owning my own business and Detroit seemed like the perfect opportunity to do such a thing, with cheap rent and lots of space.”

Melt is a welcome addition to the Detroit coffee scene. Proprietor, Aaron Hitchcock, a native of Texas, graduated from the University of Michigan in nearby Ann Arbor and moved to Detroit where he worked for a few years. He always wanted to open his own business. The combination of cheap rent, space available and an underserved population in Midtown led him to open Melt.

Midtown has been very accepting of his addition to the business community and he has been doing well, but it has not come without its fair share of hiccups. The space that Melt occupies on Cass Ave. was not complete at the project date and he had to put off opening for a few months. Aaron’s biggest piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in Detroit is to have extreme patience and everything will work out.


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4160 Cass Ave. Ste A
Detroit, MI 48216
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