Michigan Hot Glass

“I’m still here. I still like it. I think it’s a great place to make art.”

Sculptor Albert Young has been a full time artist in Detroit since graduating from Wayne State in 1989. When asked why Detroit for his business, Young responded with a simple, succinct answer: “Detroit. Just Detroit.” He has strong generational ties to the city, with both his grandfather and great-grandfather having worked here in the auto industry back in the day. Many of the scraps he works with most likely come from places where they worked. Young takes pride in knowing he is, “resurrecting those materials and turning them into art.”

The Russell Industrial Center is the best studio in the city according to Young. It’s a space filled with small studios for painters, printers and all different types of artists, honing their craft. Due to his longstanding time being housed there, his studio serves as a model to others coming in.  Not to mention it has been an active place for other projects in the city such as shooting movies and music videos, adding to the overall creative vibe to the area.

“I think what’s going on downtown is fantastic,” says Young. The city is where he proudly calls home. It’s where he is an established artist, an instructor for nearly 30 years (at both CCS and the Russell Industrial Center) and it’s where his family is (his son is a jazz musician downtown.)


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