Mootown Ice Cream & Dessert Shoppe

“Why not Detroit? Detroit is awesome.”

The Mootown Ice Cream & Dessert Shoppe is the first ever ice cream shoppe to be located in Eastern Market and became established in May of 2011. Behind the operations are two sisters, Christine and Kimberly Kelley, who are Detroiters through and through and are definitely no stranger to the marketplace. They have been going to Eastern Market since they were small children, so back when thinking of a place to start their business, the answer was simple: “It’s in our bones, it’s in our blood, it’s in our roots–we’ve always thought Detroit. It’s a great place.”

Being in business for several years now, Kelley shares that she and her sister have received great feedback in response to opening up their store. Customers commend them for opening up a store during a difficult time in the city and find the market location to be a vibrant area to frequent.

Mootown proudly serves Michigan made Hudsonville Ice Cream, offering 20 flavors and a great mix of toppings to choose from. Customers can now also browse the gift shop they added in 2012, showcasing the work of Michigan artists.


(313) 393-6016
2461 Russell St.
Detroit, MI 48207
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