Motor City Brewing Works

“So there’s going to be challenges, but I’ve been here since ’85 and this area is showing more signs of growth than anybody has ever seen.”

Motor City Brewing Works started in 1994 and brewed its first batch of beer in late fall of that year. As a student of Wayne State University, John Linardos lived in the area and saw an opportunity to pair his love of craft beer with the availability of open buildings to develop what stands today. Motor City Brewing Works is now permanently anchored in Midtown is greatly expanding with the incline in the Detroit economy. He believes the good press the city is receiving is helping to thrust his business forward. The visitors he’s seeing from out of state and even out of the country aren’t hurting, either!

Since his time in the city he has seen a lot change. The micro brewing industry has really just taken off in the state of Michigan within the last few years and he’s been focused on making his business sustain and grow within that movement. Linardo’s hard work must be paying off. Motor City Brewing Works has become a go-to place in the city and is a hot spot on the weekends.

His advice to anyone looking to start a business in Detroit: “You better really want to do what you’re doing because you need to be married to it.”


(313) 832-2700
470 West Canfield Ave.
Detroit, MI 48201
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Twitter:  @motorcitybeer