Ocelot Print Shop

“We are home here. This is where we live, this is where our friends are.”

Ocelot Print Shop is successfully adding to the artistic, creative scene in Detroit one print at a time. Located along Cass Avenue, in the middle of the Cass Corridor, the space opened up in 2013 and serves as a community print shop for people in the area to come collaborate and produce quality work. The owners, Kinga Osz-Kemp and Bayard Kurth, were very interested in bringing forth a community workspace and they have built just that. Ocelot Print Shop offers classes to learn the art of printmaking and also the option of becoming a member, allowing regular use of their printers. They want anyone and everyone to feel welcome.

Why Detroit? Owners both say that aside from art scene in the city, it’s just where they call home–it’s where they want to be. Kurth believes there to be an energy here that is unlike any other in Southeast Michigan. “We have lots of connections here and our goal is to make connections,” Osz-Kemp says.

Having a business in Detroit is something the two are very proud of and both hold in high regard. Osz-Kemp and Kurth know they aren’t the only ones who feel this way. “I think people do want to do business with Detroit-based businesses. They feel it’s like a feather in their cap as well.”


(313) 573-4853
3535 Cass Ave.
Detroit, MI 48201
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Twitter: @OcelotPrintShop