Parker Street Market

“This is the time and this is the spot. I’ve never lived in a place that has been so enthusiastic and so welcoming, but also so affordable and so helpful. That combination has really been the only way I could have done this.”

Detroit is seeing a movement towards a return to neighborhood-centric businesses that serve the needs of the neighborhoods they are located in. Many of those businesses were lost over the decades. Parker Street Market is an excellent example of neighborhood retail options coming back to life. Opened in April of this year, Parker Street Market is located in a previously vacant storefront on Parker St. between the diverse West Village neighborhood and the ornate mansions, that at one time housed Detroit’s titans of industry, of Indian Village on the East Side.

In the small storefront they offer organic groceries, Detroit made home goods, coffee and a deli. We sat down and talked to one of the owners, David Kirby, about what his business was all about and why he chose Detroit. He see’s his business as not only a corner store, but also, a community space.


(313) 961-1960
1460 Michigan Ave.
Detroit, MI 48216
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Twitter: @parkerstmarket