People’s Records

“People visit Detroit from all over the world because of the history of music here…”

Detroit has history. It has been a center for culture and industry in the modern world. Through its tumultuous ups and downs, one thing has always held true Detroit loves music. We are the birthplace of Techno, Motown and Soul and have been putting our unique spin on every other genre imaginable.

The Peoples Records gives you an opportunity to feel, touch and hear this history to be apart of it and keep it alive. They opened in 1993 and were originally located in the basement of the historic Forest Arms Apartments near Wayne State’s main campus. The store relocated after a fire burned to a crisp and today, it is located on storied Woodward Ave.

Owner, Brad Hills, puts a focus on collecting and housing solely jazz and R&B, setting him apart from other shops in the city that center more on Indie sounds. The tourism the city receives has helped make the store what it is today. Hills says music fans from all over the globe have been here on any given day. Most recently a few people from Germany came into his store to get their hands on some true Detroit music.

Regardless of the challenges Hills has faced with operating a small, independent business, there would be no other place he could run it other than Detroit. It’s the place where both the music and his passion stem from.


(313) 831-0864
4100 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI 48201
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