Roma Cafe

“I’m proud of that name. I say it proudly. I’m happy to have my business here.”

Roma Café is located in the historic Eastern Market district and has been there since 1890, making it Detroit’s oldest restaurant. Third generation owner, Janet Sossi Belcoure, describes Eastern Market to be the perfect place for the family-run Italian restaurant, since its opening and still to this day, due to the amount of activity the area sees and its unending accessibility to fresh produce and ingredients.

Despite the negative light Detroit can sometimes be seen in, Belcoure remains steadily optimistic for what is to come. She has been the Italian eatery’s owner for 35 years now and ridden all the ups and downs the city has faced. She loves all the excitement the city offers with new happenings such as the boom in Midtown and the beloved sports teams, but also knows people are apprehensive to come downtown, making it a very bittersweet situation. However, “I think it has moved in a positive direction,” she says.

There is a movement here in Detroit Belcoure is glad to be a part of and feels the city is ready to welcome new businesses (and visitors) with open arms.


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3401 Riopelle St.
Detroit, MI 48207
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