Hygrade Deli

“When people find out about us, if they are living in the suburbs, and they hear about this unique little deli down in the city, they are not afraid, they will come down and see us.”

Hygrade Deli is classic style deli that serves huge delicious sandwiches and specializes in the Reuben. Walking into the shop on Michigan Ave. feels like you are traveling decades in the past. Delis are not done like this anymore and that’s what makes Hygrade special.

The business has been in owner Stuart Litt’s family since 1972. Stuart took control in 1977 and has been manning the deli counter ever since. The business has seen its fair share of the decline the city has experienced over the decades, but he held on, even when a huge manufacturing plant a few blocks away that supplied most their business shuttered. His determination is paying off; Hygrade Deli has seen a resurgence of customers over the last couple of years in thanks to the development happening in the greater downtown area and visitors from the suburbs.


(313) 894-6620
3640 Michigan Ave.
Detroit, MI 48216
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Twitter: @HygradeDeli