True Body Fitness

“Detroit had a market. I wanted to go to a place where it was needed”

Kimo Frederickson, owner of True Body Fitness opened in 2007, was looking for a place to move his business from a complacent suburb once his business started to stagnant in 2010. The people and business community in Howell could not care less if he stayed or left.

In 2011, he decided to pack his business up and move to the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit on Michigan Ave. There, he has joined a business community that is growing by the day. Kimo made the move because Detroit had a market and he wanted to go to a place where personal training was needed. A city with over 700,000 people only had a handful of places to go for fitness services. The demand was there, but the need was not being filled.

Kimo found the business climate to be an excellent place to take a risk and try to build something.  When he arrived he found a community of entrepreneurs actively supporting each other. Everyone wants everyone to succeed.  He echoed this sentiment by stating during our interview, “In other cities the other businesses try and crush you or compete and it’s not like that here at all.”


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