Turquoise Boutique

“We need more boutiques and small privately owned restaurants…. People come from all over to shop in the Midtown area. People that I talk to are excited for Detroit coming back and beginning to thrive again.”

The Midtown neighborhood of Detroit is quickly become synonymous with boutique shopping. Over the last few years small specialty shops have been popping up offering unique retail experiences. Located within the Detroit Symphony Orchestra building on Woodward Ave., Turquoise Boutique is Monalise Greens addition to the retail scene in Midtown, selling women’s designer clothing, accessories and gifts.

Monalise moved her business from the west side of Michigan to join the evolution of the entrepreneurial movement happening in Midtown. She believes the time is now and believes there is definitely a need for more retail and restaurant options in the Midtown district.


(313) 576-5100
3711 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI 48201
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