Vera Jane

“The main challenge of opening a business in Detroit is knowing your clientele, knowing your area, knowing exactly what your business is because you’ve got to fill a niche. You’ve got to have something that no one else has.”

Located in the Fischer, a building often described as Detroit’s largest art object, is Vera Jane. Vera Jane opened in 2003 as a women’s boutique selling lingerie, fine coats and handbags. The manager, Liana Trumbull, talked to Imagine Detroit about what it takes to run a successful retail operation in the city of Detroit.

According to Liana, market research is imperative. Knowing your market, clientele, location and having the ability to stay relevant to your customers is key to being able to survive and thrive. Vera Jane has found Detroit an excellent place to have a business because of the supportive business community. Everyone wants everyone else to succeed and goes out of their way to help.


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3011 W. Grand Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48202
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