“I don’t think anywhere other than Detroit would be relevant for us.”

This small store that sits in the Fisher Building is dedicated solely to preserving the history of Detroit. Workshop, as it’s called, is a furniture store that sells beautifully crafted wood pieces for people to bring into their home, but interestingly, these aren’t just any wood pieces. Each piece of furniture is made with reclaimed lumber from Detroit homes across the city. James Willer, the owner, works with deconstruction crews to dismantle buildings to construct his furniture with, “…beautiful, exotic wood that people can’t find anywhere else.”

What you should also know is that every piece of furniture has the address of the house in which the wood was deconstructed from. This way the owners can search for and discover the story behind it. Pretty cool, huh? “We have such a rich, deep cultural history in the city of Detroit,” he says, “we feel it’s a shame to be throwing it away in a landfill when we could be preserving and celebrating it.”

It now makes sense why this business could only exist in Detroit. The combination of raw material and strong sense of city pride is what fuels this operation. “Detroit, I feel, represents an opportunity for one of the nation’s first 21st century cities,” Miller claims. “Detroit is becoming a hub for entrepreneurs and innovators.”

His advice to those looking to start something in Detroit: “If you have an idea, pursue it. Things will come to you. Roll up your sleeves.”


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3011 W. Grand Blvd. #105
Detroit, MI 48202
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